R14 Ride-On Dual Technology Carpet Maintainer
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Mfg. Item #: R14-700
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R14 Ride-On Dual Technology Carpet Maintainer

R14 Ride-On Dual Technology Carpet Maintainer. Using 80% less water to clean, and leaving up to 90% less water in the carpet, the R14 with ReadySpace helps reduce mold and bacteria growth and leaves spaces cleaner and healthier. With a wide 28 in / 710 mm cleaning path, a generous 32 gal / 121 L Hygenic solution tank, and three hour battery run time, the R14 with ReadySpace delivers continuous cleaning time.Since carpets dry faster with ReadySpace technology, the risk of slip-and-fall accidents when transitioning from just-cleaned carpet to hard floor is noticeably reduced. Tennant pioneered extraction technology and with the R14, we deliver the most effective deep extraction available. Dual counter-rotating extraction brushes combine with patented vacuum shoe design to leave carpets fresh, clean, and looking like new.