965 FAST Heavy–Duty Degreaser Cleaning Concentrate
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965 FAST Heavy–Duty Degreaser Cleaning Concentrate

Tennant's FAST Foam-Activated Scrubbing Technology uses a fraction of the cleaning solution and less water than tradition floor-scrubbing methods in order to provide clean, dry floors in minutes; minimizing room, hallway or isle closure times. Continuously scrub up to 3-4 times longer without refills for greater productivity. Scrub up to 1 million ft2 with one FAST-PAK cartridge, the equivalent of 20 gal of conventional detergent. FAST-equipped machines automatically mix chemical and water, then inject air to create an effective, fail-safe foam solution every time. Used with Tennant 5680, 5700, 8300, M30, T3, T3+, T5, T5e, T7, T16, TT20. Nobles Speed Scrub 24-32, Speed Scrub Rider. 2 liter pack.